Terms and Conditions

  • CNA Kwik Track Inc. is not an accredited school, college or university. We only provide a CNA Exam Prep Training service in the 22 clinical skills.
  • Client agrees to forfeit the deposit if balance is not paid and class is not attended.
  • CNA KWIK TRACK does not issue refunds after class has started. You may change date 48 hours before class starts by calling or emailing us.
  • Client may not attend class unless full tuition has been paid in full.
  • Clients missing more than 20% of class will not be allowed to observe or participate in future tutoring classes without paying $25 per skill missed. Missed time may be made up at the discretion of the staff.
  • Client may be withdrawn from class for abusive behavior and will not receive a refund of tuition fee.
  • CNA Kwik Track. provides training service for personal use only and make no claims or representations to matters of future careers or client’s ability to pass the Florida state exam. The course is solely to assit you in preparing yourself for the state exam.
  • After the course, you are not required to take the exam, and you are not guaranteed to pass the exam.
  • Course length may vary due to class size and other factors. The information given in the tutoring class may vary as we constantly update the course to improve the curriculum.
  • CNA Kwik Track will in no way be held liable for any damages, including, but not limited to loss of personal property, or any consequential, special, incidental, physical, mental, emotional, or punitive damages that may directly or indirectly arise as a result of you attending this course.
  • CNA Kwik Track does not issue certificates or diplomas.
  • Practice times and hours may change.
  • No refunds for any class fees. All sales are final.
  • Family members or friends cannot attend class or practice time.
  • Classes are in English. Some classes may offer help in Spanish if needed.
  • If client fails the clinical portion of the Florida state exam, he/she may may attend one more CNA exam prep course, provided they took the exam within two months of the initial CNA prep course.